Two doves, soaring through the sky;
Two hearts, intertwined;
Two bodies, one soul;
Two bodies, one goal.

Often I look up in the night;
Watch the stars floating by;
And think about you mother all throughout;
The one who gave my wings and helped me sprout.

Bawling, crawling, crying on the floor;
Then trying to walk yet falling once more;
Then in a uniform, shirt tucked, ready to go;
And then running to office, to and fro.

Still however, even then;
I’d watch the stars go through heaven;
Think about you, your love, your laugh;
And remember how I am not one, but half.

By Saanya Verma


3 thoughts on “Half A Heart

  1. Thank you so much Kanwal Singh Mam for this lovely message :

    Awesome poem, described the lovely feelings of expression about her grandma… Sannu is Super genius and God gifted girl…I love and appreciate her for writing so many beautiful poems…She is all round,Beyond Imagination…God bless her!!! Good to know that you’re missing your mom,it’s with everyone who had lost their mother… ask me I too miss my parents,Your mom must be a great woman,role model…The way you both are bringing your daughter is worth praised…Love you!!


  2. Sometimes the simplest choice of words but brimming with true emotions towards someone you love always impresses like minded souls. Saanya, yours is such sort. Very beautiful !

    Liked by 1 person

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