Mesmerising, tantalising, just out of reach
The inferno looks so wonderful yet mocks and teases me
I shouldn’t go any nearer, my father had beseeched
Yet it looks so wonderful and I feel so free.

I head up, upwards by barely an inch
Yet what is this? On my back is a sticky substance
The wax is melting and on my face no longer is a grin
And soon I find my arms flapping desperately in the wind.

I swoop in a parabola, diving towards the sea
Time slows down and my life flashes before me
I feel my heart flutter like the wings of a flea
Squeezing my eyes shut, I draw in my knees.

Consuming my body whole, I am hurled and tossed around
The only thought in my head, to try escape safe and sound
But I know it is a lost cause, I know I will be drowned
I suddenly stop resisting and sink towards the ground.

By Saanya Verma


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