Overlaps : The Overlap between reality & dreams

“Overlaps” by Saanya Verma Soaring past, a night black haze with eyes as piercing as swords; The raven plummeted down towards me, a deadly lord of lords; I breathed heavily, panting as …

Source: Overlaps : The Overlap between reality & dreams


3 thoughts on “Overlaps : The Overlap between reality & dreams

  1. Thanks so much Santosh Dash for your feedback:

    Sunita, I read saanya’s recent poem. I thought with this poem saanu has entered into a new high. Here, she has explored some of the horizons of poetry which she had not explored so far. To tell you the truth I was again struck by her poetic craftsmanship. I thought in this poem she has succeeded not just in capturing feelings and emotions she wanted to convey but she has also displayed an admirable control over rhyme, rhythm and language. What I liked most about the poem is the way in which she has sustained the drama till the end. There seem to have not a single dull moment in the poem. Excellent stuff. Keep it up saanya.


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