“Overlaps” by Saanya Verma

Soaring past, a night black haze with eyes as piercing as swords;

The raven plummeted down towards me, a deadly lord of lords;

I breathed heavily, panting as I ran and as quickly as possible, ducked;

The bird missed me only by an inch but I was running out of luck.

A ring of fire formed around me, smoke propagating from the ground;

And soon enough an evil laugh ricocheted all around;

The scene changed, I found myself locked in a grey and empty jail;

I knew not where I was or what hour had struck but I knew indoors it hailed?

They crashed down upon me, small blocks of solid ice;

I said small but little did I know that they would grow in size;

A colossal cube fell from the sky, cascading downwards as I bled;

I found myself jolted awake in the safe comfort of my bed.

I let a scream escape from my mouth when in the mirror I peeked;

No longer were my swaying auburn locks but hair with strange grey streaks;

My honey eyes now dull black, my soft skin calloused and wrinkled;

An hour had not passed in my sleep but seventy years had trickled..



15 thoughts on “Overlaps : The Overlap between reality & dreams

  1. This poem talks about a person who is often lost in her dream world. It explains one of her adventures which is shown in the form of a nightmare. She faces many difficulties and struggles in her dreams which “overlaps” in her real life. Seventy years passed by in her struggle, now she does not have the energy and strength to live her life. The poem showcases excellent use of language and writing skills and would definitely recommend it to people. The poem is a bit hard to understand at first but once understood will be met with instant appreciation. I am looking forward to the poet’s next poem.

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  2. Your thoughts are so beautifully put into words, loved reading it. It’s almost an everyday feel, that we go along overlaps when our eyes open in the morning, and we realise Oh it wasn’t real.
    Very deep thoughts have been given correct wordings. Well done Sanya, keep writing , keep sharing your creative side with us.

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  3. The ageless horse of Time
    runs with the seven reins
    with a thousand eyes and full of valour.
    The wise sages mount the horse.
    All the beings of the world
    are the wheels of his chariot
    – From Page 361, “Srishti – songs of creation from the Vedas” by Koti Sreekrishna & Hari Ravikumar
    – This translation is from Kaala Sukta (काल-सूक्त), Shaunaka Samhita (शौनक संहिता) poems 53-54

    कालो अश्वो वहति सप्तरश्मि:
    सहस्राक्षो अजरो भूरिरेता:
    तमारोहन्ति कवयो विपश्चित:
    तस्य चक्रा भुवनानि विश्वा।


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