It’s difficult to admire something while it’s alive and still around;
So before the Earth rots away and life is uprooted from the ground;
I’d like to ask you a question which at first may seem eccentric;
But have you ever wondered about how trees are so majestic?

A palatial monument, a memorial, reaching up and up, up to the stars;
Ubiquitous auburn hands, attempting to grab on to Mars;
These bark cenotaphs are everywhere, dotted around from England to Shanghai;
Creating oxygen for us to live, too bad they don’t produce wi-fi.

Yet all year, every day, every second these statues are chopped down;
Their lives stripped away, beginning our final countdown;
Carbon dioxide filling the atmosphere, gone the times of the sun and rainbow;
Not one living human, is this really what we want for our tomorrow?

By SaanyaVerma



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