A land of magic, of madness, of love;
A place where reality is, but, talked of;
Where we can dive into the words;
Into the creases of white, as free as birds.

A journey past the dungeon and the mill;
Through the forests, Olympus and Brazil;
Till finally we reach the very apex of the mountain;
Only to fall as the hero’s blood fountains;

But up we climb once again and soon;
The warm feeling of their reuniting lights up the room;
When suddenly in the distance is a shout, a call to sleep;
However, just this once we don’t want to leap.

We don’t want to leap into this world of pain;
The land of sorrow, of distress, of rain;
This story is the world we wish to be in;
This story is the world we wish to stay in.

By SaanyaVerma


One thought on “The Pages Turn

  1. Thanks so much to Santosh Dash (Nunu) for the great review:

    Nice additions to saanya’s literary collection. I liked the poems in the reverse order. The last one first. I found the poem ‘The Pages turn’ more poetic than the rest. Even though all the three poems are message poems, last one is more quiet and therefore more strong compared to the first two. But, they are very valiant attempts and they speak volumes about how Saanya’s creativity is grappling with some of the things that are happening around her and around the world. 👌👌👌


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