A burning hue of passion and fire;
A dull shade of a pigeon or tyre;
A shimmering colour of happiness and sunshine;
Or a delicate colour of seas and skies.

A midnight pigment of darkness and night;
Or a pure one maybe of snow and light;
A royal tone of emperors and nobility;
Or perhaps one of spring grass and tranquility.

A spectrum of colours, so many to see;
Made in this world as epitomes of beauty;
There’s subtle beige and obscure malachite;
There’s entrancing turquoise and there’s bright white.

Rainbows, trees, a simple flower;
All have within them some great power;
To sway the mind and entrance the soul;
To lead one down a deep black, no, a deep, colour hole.

By Saanya Verma


12 thoughts on “Spectrum

  1. The poem uses the symbols of nature in a nice way to correlate with human mood and emotions.The objects and range of colours in this world are so deeply entrenched in our subconscious that it has got great power and influence on human emotions. It can make us feel positive or negative and sometimes it depends on what we choose to be.

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      1. Saanya, I enjoyed the poem – it may be a good idea to write a few lines to explain what the poem is about. The poem itself made me see so many colours. You must write a poem on Autumn, the season of exploding colours.

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