Flowers covering the earth like a blanket, propagating from the ground;
With trees covered once more in a coat of green rather than brown;
When cherry blossoms bud and animals re-emerge;
And headphones are hardly needed for the songs are played by the birds.

A great ball of fire spearing all with its sweltering heat;
The only thought in people’s minds of the sea and the beach;
With temperatures rising high and tempers perhaps too;
And parks are full of people and the sky’s a perfect blue.

A grand monument of bark, its existence etched into the soil;
Upon its arms dangling coloured hands starting to coil;
Russet, golden and scarlet blended together to create;
A perfect scene of fall with details so ornate.

Finally arrives the time of year filled with soft, white snow;
With children rolling the powder into spheres and stacking them so;
Eventually is created, a man of frost and ice;
Such is the season of Winter, such is this paradise.


Saanya Verma

Note: In the last poem I had written “Spectrum”, it was suggested by one of the readers, that I should try my hand at writing a poem about Autumn. This seemed like a really cool topic so I expanded it a bit and decided to do one on seasons. In each verse I have attempted to depict the scenes seen in each of them and hopefully this has succeeded.


20 thoughts on “Canvass

      1. My name has now reappeared at the Spectrum comment. Please ignore about it being blanked out etc. i think your idea to write a verse on each season is brilliant. I would like to see more rhythm as in some of your other work. There is a book by Stephen Fry called ‘The Ode Less Travelled’. You should get it. Keep writing. Write some prose as well. Gopi Uncle

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  1. Saanya this is beautiful 😍😊 very well written. Love your vocabulary skills and great writing. Keep it up ! Your an amazing little adorable poet ☺☺

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  2. Very well written Sanya. Your thoughts about each season is commendable at this tender age. Well, its not necessary to always rhyme but since you have rhymed a few sentences , my suggestion .. you rhyme the whole poem or don’t at all.
    Good going super girl !

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  3. Saanya, Your facility with language will prevail over the intervening future, and will guide yourself to expression even more as you see, feel, touch and taste the world. Silence too maybe an expression you can choose and not be afraid of, as time has its ways with us. Hone your art where you find comfort, and proceed as your heart guides you deep within.

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