King of the Castle (a short story)

King of the Castle

Forks of incandescent fury lashed out at the green carpet below. Meandering and weaving through the darkness, they thrusted themselves forward in scorching raids of infernos. A droplet of sweat formed on Tiera’s brow. The long, silky locks of her hair which had always glowed a radiant gold lay today limp and white. She knew what she had to do. Gleaming with saliva, her thin ruby red lips pursed in determination, she carefully began to lower the child to the water then hastily brought it back up again. She was shaking furiously. She had to do this. If she didn’t, nobody would survive. She caressed the baby’s face gently, staring into those red unfathomable pits that she had created from her womb. How had such a child been born to her? A child with a destiny so terrifying and gruesome. Her heart raced as she slowly bent down to the river once more. She loosened her grasp gently. Rivers flowed down her cheeks. The cold made her aware of everything around her; making every movement utterly unbearable. “Stay determined” she muttered bitterly to herself. And in the end, she did. She let go of the infant. Huddling up into a bundle of sobs she watched the baby as it drifted off into the darkness. A veil of mist set over her eyes and for a second she thought she saw a strange shine. Not just any shine. A red shine. A red shine of the child’s eyes.
Bella carefully collected her clothes into her arms. She stared at herself in the mirror. Gazing right back at her was a lady. Not just any lady though; one fit to be a queen. She wore a majestic gown of black. One of so many tiny details and delicate motifs twisting around, that anyone would have thought of her as royalty. And her hair, her hair exuded the very definition of splendour. Ringlets of chocolate brown locks fell to her shoulders, tumbling out into perfect curls, framing her pale, freckled features. Satisfied with her appearance, she ran down the steps and out of the house. Inhaling a deep breath, she sighed with relief. Elegantly, she strode over to the river and took a great gulp of the fresh water that she so loved. As she ducked her head under however, she saw an eccentric object floating down towards her. It was small, bundled up circumspectly in cotton cloth and as it came closer a gasp escaped her mouth. She picked it up and looked into its eyes. What beautiful blue eyes they were! She screeched with ecstasy and hurriedly brought it over to her husband, tears of joy forming in her eyes.
“Dear, look at what I have found. It is a young lad!”
Her husband looked awed. His eyes and mouth formed three round ‘o’s’ as he gaped at the child.
“But darling have you checked if anyone wants or knows this child?”
She choked up on his words. Losing this baby would ruin her life, and this was no exaggeration. She would never get a chance like this again, after all she couldn’t give birth. She would cry though the nights and sob through the days, as she had the past few years. She couldn’t let that happened. She had to lie, just this once. And so, hastily she told him that she had.
And that was when everything fell apart. When her mistake was repented by the entire village. And finally… when nothing was left.
The boy grew to be a handsome young one with hair as dark as the night sky and chiselled features that all would fall for. His face was like the moon, pale and white yet always shining. However, his eyes were the elephants in the room. If you hadn’t noticed them then you would have to be blind for they had grown to become the stars in the darkness. They were deep-set, like argentine lightning, with pale blue and white rays springing out from the iris and a sharpness one could only find in them. Unfortunately, however his personality did not suit his looks. Along with his splendour came a sense of unbridled pride, severity and iciness. He was always alone and frankly, he didn’t seem to care. After all, he was the king of the castle. No, the king of the world.

By Saanya Verma


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