Alone – A Poem influenced by Romantic Poetry and William Wordsworth

A great isolation enveloped me within its powerful tendrils;

I tried to ease myself from its grasp, I tried to be careful;

And yet, once I found the grip loosen, once more would it hold on;

And so I found myself within a loop from dusk till dawn.

My head bent, I did not see the sun peaking out from behind;

Tall monuments of bark proudly standing, branches intertwined;

A lone lotus opening to the world and drifting in the air, one leaf;

My loneliness immediately shattered when I at last looked upon these.

The trees, their arms outstretched eternally, accepting all into their embrace;

The river hurrying down to meet new friends at its base;

The lotus blooming into the world from muddy waters below;

And the leaf floating upon the wind searching for someone new to know.

Who could be solitary still in the presence of such a welcome?

Who could be solitary still when nature itself to them beckons?

Who could be solitary still when in such joyous company?

Who could be solitary still in the presence of this symphony?

From time to time I look back and remember that very day,

The gentle greeting from the world, the clearing of the gray;

Whenever I lay, bored or dismayed, my heart returns to that time;

And my soul joins the trees and the plants and then begins to shine.

By Saanya Verma


Together – a short poem to celebrate Love

Together – a short poem to celebrate Love

A warm embrace and a kiss on the head;
A single tear rolling;
A tiny laugh escaping the mouth;
A squeeze of the hand consoling.

From the tough to the luxury;
From the streets to a manor;
From nothing to everything;
Such is love’s banner.

And so comes the 14th February;
Valentine’s day as it’s called;
The day when the gift of love is rejoiced;
And the day when old stories are told.

And on this day peace reigns;
And flies forward the dove;
And distributed are chocolates and cards;
But most of all, distributed is love.

By Saanya

Hidden Wonders of the World

Hidden Wonders of the World

To attain contentment, happiness and joy, appreciation is key
Don’t go leaping into the unknown, for it may not bring you glee
The greatest pleasures can come from the tiniest things, from a trivial sight or sound
To reap the seeds of happiness sowed, just look all around.

A small goodnight kiss before you sleep, the incessant chirping of the birds
The first sip of a beverage when you’re thirsty or a few complimentary words
Fifteen minutes more to nap, the sound of your old favourite tune
Sudden success when the expectation is failure or the shimmering of the moon.

No need for hurrying into the darkness, look before you leap
Often what you’re searching for is already there though asleep
Sometimes even the ultimate pleasure comes from the smallest sight or sound
To reap the seeds of happiness, just look all around.

Note: Recently one of the readers in the blog suggested that I should write a poem about the simpler joys of life. I thought this would be a brilliant idea and so I gave it a go. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Saanya Verma


Flowers covering the earth like a blanket, propagating from the ground;
With trees covered once more in a coat of green rather than brown;
When cherry blossoms bud and animals re-emerge;
And headphones are hardly needed for the songs are played by the birds.

A great ball of fire spearing all with its sweltering heat;
The only thought in people’s minds of the sea and the beach;
With temperatures rising high and tempers perhaps too;
And parks are full of people and the sky’s a perfect blue.

A grand monument of bark, its existence etched into the soil;
Upon its arms dangling coloured hands starting to coil;
Russet, golden and scarlet blended together to create;
A perfect scene of fall with details so ornate.

Finally arrives the time of year filled with soft, white snow;
With children rolling the powder into spheres and stacking them so;
Eventually is created, a man of frost and ice;
Such is the season of Winter, such is this paradise.


Saanya Verma

Note: In the last poem I had written “Spectrum”, it was suggested by one of the readers, that I should try my hand at writing a poem about Autumn. This seemed like a really cool topic so I expanded it a bit and decided to do one on seasons. In each verse I have attempted to depict the scenes seen in each of them and hopefully this has succeeded.



A burning hue of passion and fire;
A dull shade of a pigeon or tyre;
A shimmering colour of happiness and sunshine;
Or a delicate colour of seas and skies.

A midnight pigment of darkness and night;
Or a pure one maybe of snow and light;
A royal tone of emperors and nobility;
Or perhaps one of spring grass and tranquility.

A spectrum of colours, so many to see;
Made in this world as epitomes of beauty;
There’s subtle beige and obscure malachite;
There’s entrancing turquoise and there’s bright white.

Rainbows, trees, a simple flower;
All have within them some great power;
To sway the mind and entrance the soul;
To lead one down a deep black, no, a deep, colour hole.

By Saanya Verma

Order of The Universe

Order of The Universe


Wizards of our own, stars in the universe, creators of our destiny;
Wondrous creatures of such complex biology and chemistry;
Some may say we are disdainful, some may say we are headstrong;
However the truth outshines the lies and shows that we are strong.

Many a time fortune orders for terrible and inhuman acts to take place;
In Nice, in Syria, and in full honesty, everywhere, criminal deeds that cannot be erased;
However fortune also orders one other rule- that we should fall and then once more rise;
So I ask friends for you to remember that fade away shall these terrible cries.

Our hearts, our spirits, our every breathing moment go to those who lost their lives;
But with courage, we shall fight against the stabs of injustice that spread from those knives.

By SaanyaVerma