Alone – A Poem influenced by Romantic Poetry and William Wordsworth

A great isolation enveloped me within its powerful tendrils;

I tried to ease myself from its grasp, I tried to be careful;

And yet, once I found the grip loosen, once more would it hold on;

And so I found myself within a loop from dusk till dawn.

My head bent, I did not see the sun peaking out from behind;

Tall monuments of bark proudly standing, branches intertwined;

A lone lotus opening to the world and drifting in the air, one leaf;

My loneliness immediately shattered when I at last looked upon these.

The trees, their arms outstretched eternally, accepting all into their embrace;

The river hurrying down to meet new friends at its base;

The lotus blooming into the world from muddy waters below;

And the leaf floating upon the wind searching for someone new to know.

Who could be solitary still in the presence of such a welcome?

Who could be solitary still when nature itself to them beckons?

Who could be solitary still when in such joyous company?

Who could be solitary still in the presence of this symphony?

From time to time I look back and remember that very day,

The gentle greeting from the world, the clearing of the gray;

Whenever I lay, bored or dismayed, my heart returns to that time;

And my soul joins the trees and the plants and then begins to shine.

By Saanya Verma



UKMT Achievement 2017

The Intermediate Maths Challenge is aimed at pupils in Year 11 or below in England and Wales, Year 12 or below in Northern Ireland and S4 or below in Scotland. The challenge involves answering 25 multiple choice questions in one hour and is sat in school under normal exam conditions.

High performers

The top 40% of students nationally receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate in the ratio 1:2:3. Around 500 of the highest scorers in each school year are invited to take part in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad papers: Cayley, Hamilton and Maclaurin for year 9, 10 and 11 and equivalent.

Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad

Around 500 of the highest scorers in each school year are invited to take part in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad papers.

England and Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
Cayley Year 9 or below S2 or below Year 10 or below
Hamilton Year 10 S3 Year 11
Maclaurin Year 11 S4 Year 12

All invited participants receive a UKMT keyfob and a Certificate of Qualification, Merit or Distinction depending on performance.

The top 100 students in each paper receive medals; coloured bronze for Cayley, silver for Hamilton and gold for Maclaurin.

Book prizes are awarded to the top 50 students in each paper. The titles vary from year to year.

Non-invited entrants i.e. those entered as discretionary candidates by their teachers, are entitled to all awards apart from Certificates of Qualification.

Well done Saanya for being awarded a Gold Certificate in IMC, qualifying for the IMO, awarded a Certificate of Distinction, Bronze Medal and Book Prize for the Cayley Olympiad.

Hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes Saanya Verma.

UKMT- IMO, Regional Finals Team Maths Challenge & Story Writing

UKMT- IMO, Regional Finals Team Maths Challenge & Story Writing

A happy moment….

Well done Saanya for the Triple Wins and being awarded in the School “Cups & Colours Assembly”.

Keep it up!

Winner of the “Ancient Roman Mythology Story Writing Competition” (enjoy your book award)

Certificate for the “UK Intermediate Maths Challenge” – “Best in Year”

Certificate for being part of the winning Team of 4 in the Team Maths Challenge in the Regional Finals at UKMT”.


Countdown – A short story by Saanya

Countdown – A short story by Saanya

60 seconds in a minute. 60 minutes in an hour. 24 hours in a day. Just 1 day of 24 hours to go. Just another 86,400 seconds left and then, our days of comfort would be over. And we would be thrown out into a whole new world.
For 9 months (I think that’s what the familiar voice said), we had been in here; our safe haven, where all I had to worry about was not kicking too much, or my friend would get hurt. I hadn’t ever seen them but I could feel them. Their heart beating against mine. To be honest, I didn’t like them very much at first. They would always steal my food and they would take up my space. I couldn’t trust them either, they promised me once that they would move over but instead they just kicked me! Eventually however they grew on me. Literally. They grew on top of me. I felt the little buds on either side of their body grow into long skinny appendages, nudging into me, and the ball balanced on the top of them, grow 4 times as large. And as I grew with them, our friendship did too.
These changes concerned me at first. We were getting too big for our home and I feared we would eventually have to be evicted. One day as I wondered of what fate awaited us, a strange smell wafted towards me. I couldn’t place it but one thing was for sure; it was horrible. Confused, I tried listening out to what the people outside were saying, and they mentioned something like “meconium aspiration”, which didn’t help ease me very much. So, I turned to my friend and started to ask them, when I heard… choking? But that couldn’t be right. I tried speaking to them but they didn’t reply. Were they playing with me? I told them it wasn’t funny but they still said nothing.
So it had to be true. My friend, they wouldn’t lie to me like this. And that meant, they were choking. No, they were dying. And what was worse, I couldn’t do a thing. I felt something running down my cheeks. Something cold; the first cold I had felt. And I hated it. I tried to cry out… but all I could do was gurgle. I cried louder, but, yet another gurgle. I was running out of options, and fast. I felt like I was drowning in the very fluid that gave me life. My head was reeling, my eyes were saturated with that cold, icy liquid. I kicked out, unable to understand what was going on. I kicked out as hard as I could, begging for someone, anyone to help. I didn’t care if I hurt someone, I just had to help them. I had to help the one friend who had been with me since I first came into existence. But the truth was clear.
I couldn’t.

By Saanya